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Extraoral Vacuum Suction

Silence-A200 belongs to the extraoral vacuum suction series.

It is a device that minimizes contamination of indoor air by sucking in aerosol particles or small water

drops when using a high speed handpiece or doing scaling. It also comes with a sterilization function.

It is equipped with a noise silencer.


Description : Dental extraoral vacuum suction

Materials : ABS,PP, PETG, Aluminum

Power supply : Single phase AC 220V~240V 50~60Hz 

                                  Single phase AC 100V~120V 50~60Hz

Output power : 1247W〔120V〕, 1251W〔230V〕

Current(A) : 120V〔10A〕, 230V〔5.2A〕

Air flow : 3.98m3/min〔HEPA〕, 3.74m3/min〔ULPA〕

Air pressure : 23.7kpa〔230V〕, 25.2kpa〔120V〕 

Control mode : step 1~9

Filter : 1st filter〔Medium filter〕

                2nd filter〔ULPA filter〕 99.9995%〔U15〕

                3rd filter〔Carbon filter〕, 4th filter〔Noise block〕

Noise level : approx.45~65dB

Motor operating temperature : 0~40℃

Arm length(A type) : 1,600mm

Arm weight : approx.1.3kg

Body size : 295〔W〕 *330〔D〕*845〔H〕mm

Body weight : approx.13.5kg

Product components(A type): Main body, 3 joint arm, power cord, 4 kinds of filters, O hood &Aluminum hood, 1st spare filter, Plasma ionizer, UV LED lamp

Accessories : L Cap, U Cap , Remote controller

[Extraoral suction]

When using a high speed handpiece or doing scaling, a lot of moisture, smog and aerosol particles are generated. Do you know how many aerosol particles contaminate the room?

Aerosol particles adhere to the bodies of dentists or hygienist during treatment. Also, aerosol particles can contaminate the air conditioners, and it affects the respiratory systems of the patients.

Aerosol particles are very dangerous because they contain blood, saliva, viruses and other foreign substances.

It can be dangerous if an extraoral suction is not used.

There is a very big difference between using and not using an extraoral suction. During treatment, microscopic water drops fly away in the form of aerosol particles.

Make the change, for the health of doctors, hygienists and patients.

Silence-A/H suck  in moisture, smog and aerosol particles with its powerful suction power to create a clean and pleasant treatment room, and keep it that way.

[Various extraoral suction ]

Komax manufactures a variety of extraoral suction products. We currently manufacture mobile types such as Slience-A100, Silence-A200, Silence-H100, Silence-H200, and so on.

[Super filtering system]

The 1st filter (Medium filter) filters out contaminants and moisture. The 2nd filter, super bio filter (ULPA) catches various viruses or ultra fine dusts. Its filtration efficiency is 99.9995%(U15). The 3rd filter purifies the air before emitting it out into the room.

[Plasma ionizer & UVC LED lamps]

Equipped with a safe and certified plasma ionizer to meet customer needs, it kills viruses.

In addition, it is equipped with a durable UVC LED lamps for medical use to eliminate viruses and harmful

foreign substances.

[3 joint arm - A100, A200 model]

The 3 joint arm consists of three-stage joints for user convenience. It is possible to rotate the arm or adjust the position of the arm for the doctor's convenience during treatment. Also, various suction hoods can be used depending on the type of treatment.

[Noise silencer]

Silence-A/H are equipped with a noise silencer inside the suction for a comfortable treatment room

[Medical caster]

Silence-A/H are equipped with an advanced medical casters for the user to move it freely and conveniently

Silence principle

Plasma Sterilization Principle

                  [Basic Principle]

•When the airborne water molecules are decomposed by applying a high low pressure on the positive            and negative sides,  the water molecules (H₂O) are decomposed into H+ and anion 2O-.
•The highly reactive Free Radical (2O-, OH-, HOO-etc) is adsorbed in the air by harmful substances such        as viruses, germs,  and fungi, and the electrons are removed to return to the water molecules to remove      harmful substances.

Plasma Test Report

Contamination SourceEffectVerified by
Anti-viralInfluenza A virus (H1N1)99.2% removalKitasato Univ. (Japan)
Feline calicivirus97.2% removal
H5N1 Influenza A subtype99.9% removal
Microbiotest (USA)
H7N9 Avian Influenza99.9% removal
Human coronavirus
* Similar to SARS & MERS
99.9% removal
Zika virus99.9% removal
Anti-bacterialE-coli99.8% removal
Korea Conformity
Laboratories (KCL)
Bacillus pyocyaneu99.8% removal
Staphylococcus aureus99.9% removal
Anti-odorAmmonia (NH3)100% removal
Toluene100% removal
Benzine100% removal
Formaldehyde100% removal
Sulfur dioxide99.5% removal
Nitrogen oxide99.5% removal
CompletenessLevel of ozone generationUnder recommended indoor
Korea Institute of Machinery
and Materials (KIMM)
Inhalation toxicitySafe (Test animals analyzed
after inhaling for 4 weeks)
ChemOn Non-Clinical Research

UV LED Sterile Field

Plasma Specification

Input voltage12V
Current consumption28mA
Power consumption0.4W
Output power~5.5KW
Ionic generation(+) Ion > 1million/cc, (-) Ion > 1million/cc
Ozone generation0.002ppm (Indoor Recommendation Standards 0.06ppm/cc)
Manufacturing countryMade in Korea

UV LED Specification [UV-C]

Input voltage12V
Current consumption40mA
Power consumption0.48W
Luminous intensity400mcd
Manufacturing countryMade in Korea

Outside components

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Contact info

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