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KO-MAX_TOP_LOGO_extraoral suction



Silence Extraction Systems of Micromotor type

Silence-CAM100 is an extraction device for suction of dust generated in dentistry.

CAM equipment. You can manually control the suction through the touch pad.

Automatic suction through CAM equipment. Suction linkage possible

Suction operation by receiving signals from various CAM equipment

The status of this device is output as a contact signal.

The suction performance is fixed and cannot be changed.

KO-MAX_Silence-A100_extraoral vacuum suction


Product tyep : Silence Extraction Systems of Micromotor type

Materials : ABS, PC

Power supply : Single phase AC 220V~240V 50~60Hz 

                                  Single phase AC 100V~120V 50~60Hz

Output power : 1247W〔120V〕, 1251W〔230V〕

Current(A) : 120V〔10A〕, 230V〔5.2A〕

Max. Air flow : 3700L/min

Max. Air pressure : 23kpa 〔50Ø〕 

Control mode : step 1~9

Filter : 1st filter〔Medium filter〕

                2nd filter〔ULPA filter〕 99.9995%〔U15〕

                3rd filter〔Carbon filter〕, 4th filter〔Noise block〕

Noise : Approx. 55dB (at Max level)

Motor operating temperature : 0~40℃

Body size : 295〔W〕 * 330〔D〕 *485〔H〕 mm

Product standard components : Main unit, filters, Suction hose                                                                                          2.5meter, Power plug,                                                                                                           CAM interlocking cable

Silence principle

Product usage


Product usage

Set up

Product usage

CAM interface

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