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Ko-max Co.,Ltd.

, a specialized in dental suction instrument development and manufacturing firm founded in 2014, makes every endeavor to produce a suction instrument of powerful sucking force, noise inhibition and convenient UI. Beginning export to Japan in 2016 gaining its world class performance and quality, it is securing a global network through aggressive overseas export. Accordingly, KOMAX was awarded the 1 Million Dollar Export Tower by President Moon Jae-in in 2017, and the 3 Million Dollar Export Tower Award in 2020. Ko-max desires people throughout the world open a better future through our products. We will be more industrious to get trust keeping to a principle.


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104, 50 Geonji-ro, 250beon-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea

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20, Baekbeom-ro 810beon-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea(22839)

032-582-4237(for Korean)
+82-70-7772-6152(for English)



komaxko@naver.com(for Korean)
komax2031@gmail.com(for English)

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