Why do you need a dust collector in the hospital room?

30 Jun 2020
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When you work in the sound pressure room, if you are worried about the polluted air exhaled by patients with corona 19, we recommend you to purchase our Free-100 mini.

Free-100 mini has a 99.995% absorption rate of contaminated non-mal as UV and plasma HEPA filters are installed inside the product, circulating contaminated air through six sequence of patients' arsenals. This is why many doctors buy Komax's products.

According to the news, Corona 19 is putting doctors at risk for Corona 19 and is protesting to improve the environment. The reality is that they are working for patients in the sound pressure room at the risk of infection. However, with Cormax's products, the town's pressure room can also prevent infection threats. It is equipped with a 99.995% absorption rate and HEPA and ULPA filters to release clean air while absorbing infected aerosols.



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