Free-100 mini Dental Aerosol Suction System

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Free-100mini Dental Aerosol Suction machine


                                                                                  Free-100mini Dental Aerosol Suction machine

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Model : Free-100 mini    
suction  vacuum extraoral Dental : Description   
Power supply : Singele phase AC 200~240V 50~60 Hz  or 100~130V 50~60Hz   
Output power : 1,200W(120V), 1200W(230V)   
Electrical current(A) : 220V(6A) / 110V(15A)   
Air flow : 3.9/min   
Air pressure : 3,000pa(Ø40) / 10,000pa(Ø25) / 22,500pa(Ø10)   
Filter : 1st filter(Medium filter)             
 2nd filter(Super bio hepa & ulpa filter) 99.97% ~ 99.995%               
3rd filter(air cleaner filter)   Noise level : approx. 49 ~ 65dB
Arm size : 1,600mm
   box size : 720mm × 230mm × 280mm
 Arm weight :  a  pprox.1.2kg   
box weight : approx.2.7kg     
Body Weight : approx.27kg   
box weight : approx.28kg     
Usual tempature : 0~40℃   
Body size : 270(W)*275(H)*640(D)mm    
Box size : 410mm × 360mm × 1,020mm   
Control mode : step 1~12, filter cleaning mode(200T)   
Include parts : Main body, 3 joint free arm, power cord, O type hood,1st                              
spare filter   Separate parts(Option) : Aluminum-hood, L type hood, Hood holder, remote controller, plasma ionizer, UV led

Free-100 Mini Virus Sterilization Care System

                    Free-100mini Dental Aerosol Suction machine

Plasma Specifications & UV LED Specifications

Plasma Specifications

Input voltage12V
Current consumption28mA
Power consumption0.4W
Output power~5.5KW
Ion generation(+)Ion>1million/cc, (-)Ion>1million/cc
Ozone generation0.002ppm (0.06ppm/cc based on recommended standards for indoor use)
Country of originMade in Korea

UV LED Specifications

Input voltage  12V
Current consumption.40mA
Power consumption0.48W
Uminous intensity400mcd
Country of originMade in Korea

Caring for the Environment 

Disposal of packaging material 

The transport and protective packaging have been selected from materials which are environmentally friend- ly for disposal and can normally be recycled. Ensure that any plastics, wrappings, bags etc. are disposed of safely and kept out of reach of babies and young children (danger of suffocation). Rather than just throwing these materials away, please recycle them.

Disposing of the dust bag and filters 

It can be disposed of with the normal household waste, as long as they have been used exclusively for general 

household dust. 

Disposal of your old appliance 

Electrical and electronic appliances often contain materials which, if handled or disposed of incorrectly, could be potentially hazardous to human health and to the environment. They are, however, essential for the cor- rect functioning of your appliance. As such, please do not dispose of them with your household waste. Please dispose of them at your local community waste collection/recycling centre or ask your local dealership for advice. Ensure that it presents no danger to children while being stored for disposal.

Signal Words

The signal words for safety labels are WARNING and CAUTION.


WARNING is the signal word used to indicate a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or severe injury.


CAUTION is the signal word used to indicate a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in moderate or minor injury. It may also be used to alert against unsafe practices.


CAUTION without the safety alert symbol may be used as a signal word to indicate a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in property damage. 

Warnings and Safety Instructions 


This extraoral vacuum suction unit meets statutory safety requirements. Improper use can, however, lead to personal injury and material damage. To avoid the risk of accidents and damage to the extraoral suction vacuum unit, read these instructions carefully before using it for the first time. They contain important notes on its safety, operation and mainte- nance. Keep these instructions in a safe place and ensure new users are familiar with the content. Please pass on those instructions to any future owner. Always disconnect the suction vacuum unit from the mains supply when you have finished using it, as well as for maintenance work and cleaning. Switch it off at the wall socket and unplug it. 


This suction vacuum unit must only be used for industrial purposes to suction dust. Any other usage, modification or alter- ation is at the owner’s risk and could be dangerous. The manufacturer cannot be held liable for damage resulting from im- proper or incorrect use of the appliance. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience or knowledge, unless they are supervised whilst using it or have been shown how to use it by a person responsible for their safety.


This extraoral vacuum suction unit is not a toy! To avoid the risk of injury, keep children well away, and do not allow them to play with it or to use the controls. Supervise children whilst you are using it.


  • Ensure that the connection data on the data plate (voltage and frequency) match the main electricity supply. It is essential that they match to avoid damage to the appliance. 
  • Before using the extraoral vacuum suction unit, check for any signs of damage. Do not use a damaged appliance: it could be dangerous. 
  • Do not pull or carry the extraoral vacuum suction unit by the cable or free arm.
    – Keep the cable away from sharp edges and do not allow it to be squashed, for example, under a door.
    – Do not operate the extraoral vacuum suction unit with cable wires pressed by anything. This could damage the cable, plug or
    socket and pose a safety hazard. The appliance must not be used if any of these have sustained damage.
  • For safety reasons, this must only be done by a Komax Co., Ltd. Department or Komax Co., Ltd. authorized service technician. 
  • While the extraoral vacuum suction unit is under guarantee, repairs should only be undertaken by a service technician autho-
    rized by Komax Co., Ltd. Otherwise the guarantee will be invalidated.
  • Repairs should only be carried out by a Komax Co., Ltd. authorized service technician. Repairs and other work by unqualified
    persons could be dangerous. The manufacturer cannot be held liable for unauthorized work.
  • It is important to switch the suction vacuum unit off before changing over accessories and filters.


  • To avoid the risk of damage, do not use the suction vacuum unit without filters in place. Otherwise it could get damaged. 
  • Do not vacuum up anything which has been burning or is still glowing e.g. cigarettes, ashes or coal, whether glowing or
    apparently extinguished. The unit might catch fire.
  • Do not vacuum up any water, liquid or damp dirt. This will cause major faults and could seriously impair the functioning and
    electrical safety of the appliance. The filter system in the suction vacuum unit may not filter it completely, causing the dust
    to be blown back into the room by the fan.
  • Do not vacuum up items which are heavy, hard or have sharp edges. They could cause blockage and damage the appliance. 
  • To ensure safety only, use genuine filter and accessories. This will ensure optimum performance of the appliance through-
    out its life.

         The manufacturer cannot be held liable for damages caused by non-compliance with these Warning and Safety instructions. 

Description of the Appliance

Free-100mini Dental Aerosol Suction machine

Free-100mini Dental Aerosol Suction machine

Device Conection

1. Setting Free-100 mini 

Free-100mini Dental Aerosol Suction machine

1. If you have the Hood holder, the first step is to hang it on the arm post (left picture) 

2. How to adjust the spring stick (used to fix the free arm) 

For fixing: Turn the arm bolt clockwise.
For unfixing: Turn the arm bolt counterclockwise.

3. Put the free arm into the arm post (left picture) Insert the arm so 

that the Free-100 mini sticker attached to the free arm comes to the back of the body. 

4. If the free arm is overturned, it cannot be fixed. 

2. Hood Mounting Method 

Free-100mini Dental Aerosol Suction machine

1. Loosen the hood fixing screw by turning it counterclockwise.

2. Put the clear hood in line with the holes.

3. Turn the screw clockwise to fix. 


Free-100mini Dental Aerosol Suction machine

  1. Power ON/OFF : other buttons operate when the power is ON
  2.  Suction ON/OFF
  3. Suction level for UP (1~12)
  4. Suction level for DOWN (1~12)
  5. Suction level display (1~12)
  6. Filter replacement alarm: The first time it lights up, only the first filter should be replaced.                                                                                                                                             The second time it lights up, all filters should be replaced.

     ※ The Remote Controller : Suction ON/OFF 


          1) Put the plug set into the power connector 

          2) Insert the plug into the outlet. 

               There will be one short beep followed by booting. 

          3) First touch 1, next touch 2 to begin suction.

Free-100mini Dental Aerosol Suction machine

Problem Solving Guide 

1. Can’t power on / If touch panel does not respond 

- When the mode is on, the control panel does not respond. 

2. Can’t power on / If touch panel responds 

- Check if the power plug is plugged well to the socket. - Check the main power switch on the other side.
- Check the status of the fuse in the main power socket.

3. The suction power is weak. 

- If the filter is clogged, the suction power will decrease. Clean or replace the filter.
- If the filter is clogged, there may be winds that are hotter than usual due to the motor load. Clean or replace the filter.

4. Too noisy 

- If the noise level is higher than usual, it may be caused by motor overload. Clean or replace the filter. 

5. Other problems 

- If the product is out of order, contact your place of purchase or the head office to fix the problem.

Criteria for Guarantee

Free service is available for one year from the date of purchase. However, the following cases due to customer negligence and natural disasters will be processed as paid repairs even during the free service period

- When used differently from the original use and purpose
- In case of product damage and functional failure due to external impact during installation and use
- Appearance damage and deformation caused by organic solvents such as thinner and benzene
- Failure due to non-replacement of consumable parts (filter)
- Using consumables and parts of other companies
- Incorrectly applied usage voltage
- If the customer disassembles the product and the accessories are lost or damaged
- If a malfunction occurs due to a natural disaster
- Request for repair due to sound and vibration without defect in function
- Failure to follow the precautions in this manual
- Other cases due to customer negligence
- If the product warranty cannot be confirmed
- In case of failure caused by injecting foreign substances into the product (water, beverage, coffee, etc.)
- In case of failure caused by repair or modification work performed by a person other than our company’s repair workers

Quality Guarantee 

Quality Guarantee


Dental extraoral vacuum suction


Free-100 mini

Purchasing Date

(MM) (DD) (YYYY)

Purchaser Name

Purchaser Address

Serial Number

※Warranty: 1 year / Spare parts warranty: 5 years ※

Contact info

20, Baekbeom-ro 810beon-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea(22839)

032-582-4237(for Korean)
+82-70-7772-6152(for English)


Contact info

20, Baekbeom-ro 810beon-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea(22839)

032-582-4237(for Korean)
+82-70-7772-6152(for English)


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